New Programs

The programs of study developed by UOF are unique. Our programs address the major issues of the 21st century from an interconnected perspective. This promotes the development of the skills and knowledge necessary to respond to these issues, all while capitalizing on the dynamism of the Toronto area and Ontario economy.

UOF's faculty members care deeply about student learning, above all else. They teach as a team in order to combine their strengths and best support individual student achievement. As researchers, they collaborate to meet the needs of communities, institutions and businesses that seek justice, equity and prosperity.

UOF provides cutting-edge learning opportunities across digital platforms, allowing you to fully participate in your courses either on campus or remotely.

The programs are structured as follows:  

  • Core curriculum (39 credits): Core common courses, including workshops, integrative projects and a linguistic and intercultural portfolio. 
  • Thematic (63 credits): Credits from within your chosen specialization.
  • Optional courses (18 credits): Credits selected outside the program.