New Programs

Technology, Coding & Society - Major (Arts)

The Technology, Coding, and Society (TCS) major program focuses on the impact of technologies, including hardware, platform and associated software, on people and society.

In this program, students:

  • learn essential computer coding skills,
  • are taught theories on the use of digital platforms from humanistic and social science perspectives,
  • learn to analyze the data that digital platforms produce and
  • apply these concepts through practical labs and through optional work-integrated learning opportunities.

Since the TCS Major is within the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT), students can concurrently obtain a Professional Experience Certificate in Digital Media, Communication, and Technology from ICCIT.

Chinese Language & Culture - Minor (Arts)

The Minor in Chinese Language and Culture is for advanced language learners who would like to improve their written and oral communication skills in both academic and professional settings. Students in this program will also advance their linguistic knowledge and cultural literacy from cross-cultural perspectives.

Note: The Chinese Language Minor is intended for students who have near-native proficiency level in Chinese so that they can be fully engaged in course materials and lectures conducted in Chinese.

Cinema Studies - Major (Arts)

The Cinema Studies program is devoted to the stylistic, historical, and theoretical analysis of film. Students learn about film as a unique mode of communication in the 20th and 21st centuries, while also investigating what it is that film can be said to share with allied art forms.

Surveys of major world cinemas and oeuvres, and courses on particular genres and forms, introduce students to a range of cinematic traditions and practices.

Throughout the program, students consider the impact moving images have on personal and cultural identities and on society in general, and engage with questions about the relation between aesthetics and politics.

The Cinema Studies program develops students’ visual analysis, critical thinking and writing skills, which are relevant to many different possible careers.

Program Changes

Women & Gender Studies has been renamed Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.