New Programs

Certificate in Non-Profit Career Foundations

Gain practical skills that will enable you to launch your career in the non-profit sector. Add this undergraduate certificate to any four-year Arts degree at the Brantford campus. Combine your program, such as Psychology, Indigenous Studies, Human Rights and Human Diversity and more, with hands-on knowledge of the non-profit sector. 

Understand how the non-profit sector works, including its laws, regulations and how people manage non-profit organizations. You’ll study program development, how to evaluate those programs, how to write grant proposals and even basic budgeting. This certificate is great for developing your leadership skills. You’ll study leadership and ethics and receive training in how to develop staff and volunteers.

Outside of your classroom learning, you can complete an unpaid internship for academic credit, where you’ll take advantage of Laurier’s 240+ community partnerships in Brantford and gain hands-on work experience.

You have the option to study specific skills that are needed in the non-profit sector and valued in industries outside of non-profit. Choose to learn additional skills in professional fundraising, public and media relations, understanding public policy, and public speaking and communications. 

Certificate in Digital Media Production

The new Certificate in Digital Media Production, which is a required part of the Digital Media and Journalism program, complements your university education with skills-based training in digital audio, video, photography, imaging, graphic design and web design. The certificate courses are completed over the duration of a four-year degree and are from both the Digital Media and Journalism program, as well as the User Experience Design program.

The certificate courses include: 

  • Audio Storytelling 
  • Videography 
  • Photography and Visual Imaging 
  • Graphic Design Studio 
  • Web Design 

As a Digital Media and Journalism student, you’ll be automatically admitted to the Certificate in Digital Media Production as part of the Honours program. The certificate is exclusively available to students in Digital Media and Journalism.

Admission Updates

English-Proficiency Requirement

If your three most recent years of full-time education have been in a language other than English, you must submit a minimum score on an English-language test or submit an academic English preparation program that meets Laurier's minimum requirements.

You may request an exemption if have successfully studied in an English-language school system on a full-time basis for a minimum of three years, without completing any ESL courses. If it has been more than 2 years since the completion of this education, we will request an English language test.

We reserve the right to request a test of English proficiency when reviewing your application.