Université de l'Ontario français

Université de l’Ontario français is an innovative French-language institution shining in an English-speaking world.

We are in downtown Toronto, the 4th largest city in the Americas after Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles. Being taught exclusively in French while living in a predominantly English-speaking environment will allow you to use Canada's 2 official languages ​​on a daily basis. This is a significant benefit to you, as employers are increasingly seeking a bilingual or multilingual workforce.

Resolutely urban, UOF’s campus is located at 9 Lower Jarvis Street, in the heart of what is called the Innovation Corridor. Our neighbors are also dynamic innovation organizations and include Artscape Daniels Launchpad, WaterFront Innovation Center, MaRS – a hub for innovation and support for entrepreneurs – and Sidewalk Lab and Corus. 

Our building, the pride of the whole community, is accessible by public transport and is just steps from the shores of Lake Ontario. Bright, glass-filled rooms offer stunning views of the city and its activity. Distinctive architecture and creative modern facilities exemplify UOF’s focus on excellence, innovation and daring.