Offers of Admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

Ontario Grade 12 Curriculum Requirements

If you currently attend an Ontario high school, you must successfully complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, including each of the following, to be considered for admission:

  • Six 4U and/or 4M level courses (excluding co-op)
  • 4U English (ENG4U)
  • Prerequisites for your program as specified by Western
  • An admission average, including all program prerequisite courses as specified by Western

Failed and Repeated Courses

If a student has 3 or more repeats, this may be taken into consideration. If a student has 2 or fewer repeats, the highest attempt will be taken.

Midterm and Final Grades

  • If you do not have a grade in a prerequisite course, do not worry. We will review your application based on a combination of Grade 11 and Grade 12 grades available at the time of each offer round (provided your application is showing enrollment in prerequisite courses).
  • You can log into your OUAC account to confirm proper submission of your grades and enrollment information.
  • If you are registered to take a course outside of your home school, make sure it is a Ministry-accredited and approved school that offers the same rigorous curriculum and level of instruction as your high school. Grades must be reported through the OUAC.

Alternative Offers

Western's Main Campus does not have automatic alternative offers of admission. If you wish to be considered for more than 1 program, list each program as a separate choice on your OUAC application.

One-year deferrals of admission may be granted to high school applicants. A written request must be sent to the Admissions Office that outlines the reasons for deferral.

Note: A deferral will not be granted to those students who will be studying at another postsecondary institution.

The Special Consideration Profile is available for students who may have had extenuating circumstances that led to academic difficulty and that may put them marginally below the university's minimum admissions requirement. Extenuating circumstances may include disability, personal illness, financial circumstances, required employment, family illnesses or other personal or family matters. Deadline: March 1.

The Extraordinary Extracurricular and Contributions to Citizenship Profile is an optional profile designed to recognize a candidate's commitment to “extracurricular activities and active citizenship” through ongoing contributions to school and community life. Students who believe that their average will fall marginally below the University's minimum admission requirements and who have made significant contributions are eligible to submit a profile. Deadline: March 1.

Visit our website for forms and details.

Internship and/or co-op opportunities are available in a variety of programs.