Faculty of Medicine Social Accountability Pre-Med Bursary for Students of Low Socio-Economic Status

University of Ottawa

The applicant must:
1. Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;
2. Be admitted as a full-time student in an undergraduate program in an entry faculty at the University of Ottawa;
3. Have an admission average of at least 85%;
4. Want to pursue studies in the MD Program at the University of Ottawa;
5. Complete the prerequisite courses for admission into the MD Program during their undergraduate studies; and
6. Have had a yearly total family household pre-tax income (at the time they were in Grade 11 and 12) equal to or less than $60,000 as per Canada Revenue Agency data (line 150 on the income tax return) for each parent (including step-parents) the applicant currently lives with (or lived with before moving).


Scholarship Summary

Quantity 4
Application Required No
Value Maximum $5,000 per term, with peer to peer mentoring with an MD Program LSES student.
Renewable? No
Deadline Mar. 31, 2024