Education (Intermediate/Senior – Teach Grades 7 to 12) (Thunder Bay)

Lakehead University




Program Summary

Lakehead University
Bachelor of Arts and Science/Bachelor of Education, BASc/BEd Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education, BA/BEd Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Education, BESc/BEd Bachelor of Environmental Studies/Bachelor of Education, BES/BEd Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Education, BFA/BEd Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education, BK/BEd Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation/Bachelor of Education, BOR/BEd Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education, BSc/BEd
OUAC Program Code
Grade Range
Experiential Learning
Practicum or internship option available
Open Enrollment
Instruction Language
English & French

Subjects of Major Interest

Anthropology (Arts) (Thunder Bay)
Anthropology (Science) (Thunder Bay)
Biology & Chemistry (Thunder Bay)
Biology (Environmental Science) (Thunder Bay)
Biology (Science) (Accelerated) (Thunder Bay)
Biology (Science) (Thunder Bay)
Chemistry (Accelerated) (Thunder Bay)
Chemistry (Thunder Bay)
Earth Science (5 Year) (Thunder Bay)
English (Accelerated) (Thunder Bay)
English (Arts) (Thunder Bay)
English & French (Thunder Bay)
English & History (Thunder Bay)
Fine Arts (Visual Arts) (Thunder Bay)
French & History (Thunder Bay)
French (Thunder Bay)
Geography (Arts) (Thunder Bay)
Geography (Environmental Science) (Thunder Bay)
Geography (Environmental Studies) (Thunder Bay)
Geography (Science) (Thunder Bay)
Geology (Thunder Bay)
History (Accelerated) (Orillia)
History (Accelerated) (Thunder Bay)
History (Orillia)
History (Thunder Bay)
Indigenous Teacher Education Program (5 Year) (Thunder Bay)
Kinesiology (Accelerated)
Kinesiology (Thunder Bay)
Mathematics (Arts) (Thunder Bay)
Mathematics (Science) (5 Year) (Thunder Bay)
Mathematics (Science) (Thunder Bay)
Music (Thunder Bay)
Outdoor Recreation (Thunder Bay)
Physics (Thunder Bay)
Psychology (Arts) (Thunder Bay)
Psychology (Science) (Thunder Bay)
Undecided (Arts) (Thunder Bay)
Undecided (Science) (Thunder Bay)