Nota : Puisque la University of Waterloo – United College est une université anglophone, les renseignements qu'elle a fourni sont en anglais seulement.

University of Waterloo – United College

United College is a small, close-knit community within the larger University of Waterloo. We offer residence, academic courses and unique learning opportunities to Waterloo students and foster the development of social innovators to shape a just and humane world.

United College does not directly admit students. You can apply to one of the University of Waterloo's 100 programs and can then take courses and/or live at United College.

Special Characteristics

  • If you’re a Faculty of Environment student, United College is an ideal residence choice. As home of the Environment Living-Learning Community, you’ll have access to special academic sessions, peer leaders and faculty interactions.
  • Students from all programs at Waterloo are welcome. Our residence has 330 beds, which means everyone knows each other and it’s easy to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.
  • We have Waterloo’s only French-language residence floor.
  • We’re home to the GreenHouse, a live-in social innovation community for students beyond first year. Students from all programs conceive of workable ideas that create social justice or environmental change.
  • We’re also home to the Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre, which provides support and educational opportunities to Indigenous students and others.
  • We embrace sustainability practices in our day-to-day operations and encourage student participation through our Green Team.