Ressources de transition pour étudiantes et étudiants universitaires

La présente liste de ressources vise à renforcer les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour assurer le succès des études universitaires. Les programmes suivants sont accessibles à celles et ceux qui fréquentent une université de l’Ontario.

Il ne s’agit pas d’une liste exhaustive, puisque les universités apportent régulièrement des ajustements à ces services.

Vous avez des questions ou vous avez besoin d’information? Communiquez directement avec l’université en question.

Nota : Puisque plusieurs universités sont anglophones, les renseignements qu'elles ont fourni sont en anglais seulement.

Nipissing University

Academic Success Program

  • Connects you with resources, staff and strategies to help you achieve academic success.
  • As a registered participant, you are connected with a dedicated member of the Academic Success Team to help you develop a personalized Academic Success Plan. Together you will review your successes and challenges, and be connected to appropriate support services.
  • The program offers workshops and opportunities to reflect on your success and ongoing challenges with the goal of positively impacting your university experience.
  • Registration required.

Accessibility Services

  • Supports students with permanent and temporary disabilities and strives to provide an accessible, barrier-free learning environment.

BIOL 1911 – Introduction to Biology

  • First-year biology course equivalent to SBI4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

CHEM 1911 – Introduction to Basic Chemistry

  • First-year chemistry course equivalent to SCH4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

Drop-In Centres

  • Student Learning Coordinators available for same-day, 15-minute appointments about math, statistics, academic writing and citation/referencing skills, time management tools, note-taking tips, and research, organization, test/exam and general study strategies.
  • Academic Dons available for drop-in appointments if you live in residence. They are trained to help you on a one-on-one basis with general academic skills, such as study strategies, note-taking and time management skills, and more.
  • Registration required.

International Student Support

  • Provides support, programming and orientation to both international degree-seeking students and short-term exchange students who choose to study at Nipissing.

MATH 1911 – Finite Mathematics

  • First-year math course equivalent to a 4U Math.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

MATH 1912 – Elementary Calculus

  • First-year math course equivalent to MCV4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

MATH 1922 – Mathematics of Data Management

  • First-year math course equivalent to MDM4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

New Student Orientation

  • A full-day orientation program that introduces you and your supporters to the academic expectations of Nipissing University, highlights the services and programs available to you and integrates you and your supporters into the Laker community.
  • Fees may apply, registration required.

NU Gateway

  • The NU Gateway program ensures that you feel connected to the Lakers community and have a successful transition to university life.
  • The program is currently being updated. Visit the website for the most up-to-date information.

NU Listens

  • Is a campus-wide outreach and prevention program focused on your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Aims to increase your understanding of mental and emotional challenges you may face during your time at university and your knowledge about support services available.
  • Engages you in awareness services and skill-building events that are designed around campus needs.

NU Promise

  • Enriches your student experience by helping you navigate life as a Laker and your university journey.
  • Provides a Student Success Coordinator to help you navigate the 3 core pillars that you will engage with: Academic Success, Engagement and Self-Development, and Career Development.
  • Invites you to return, tuition-free, for up to 30 additional credits if you are an active participant in the NU Promise Program and 6 months after completing your 4-year undergraduate degree program with a 70% GPA and all required elements of the program, you have not secured career-related employment.

NU Success

  • Includes an outreach campaign that provides you with the opportunity to let the University know if you would like support or information about a service on campus.
  • Includes an early alert program that provides timely support to students who may be facing challenges that are negatively impacting their success.
  • Provides opportunities for student appreciation, community development and engagement.

Peer Tutoring

  • Facilitates the provision of one-on-one peer-led tutoring sessions for course-specific help.
  • Pairs you with a peer who has demonstrated competence in that particular course in the past.
  • Fees may apply.


  • Available specifically for varsity athletes.
  • Provides each team with a REAL TALK point person to connect with if you are struggling and need to discuss and connect with available supports.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

  • Builds awareness about sexual violence and gender-based violence on campus.
  • Provides accessible supports and services for those affected by sexual and/or gender-based violence.
  • Provides access to training and workshops.

Student Counselling Services

  • Works to support you in achieving positive mental and emotional wellness.

Student Intervention Services

  • Provides you with a supportive, non-judgemental, goal-oriented relationship to collaboratively develop a service navigation plan while focusing on your goals and individualized needs.
  • Referral-based service.

Student Learning and Transitions

  • Offers services and programs to help you engage in your academic studies and student life.
  • Teaches essential academic skills and study techniques that will help you effectively express your intelligence, apply your knowledge and communicate your ideas.
  • Facilitates activities and programs to build a peer support network and engaged Laker community, and to support you throughout your multiple transitions in, through and out of your academic career.

Student Success Workshops

  • Staff, student leaders and faculty advisors collaborate to create a series of workshops on various topics relevant to your success.
  • Focuses on relaying best practices to support you in your successful transition to Nipissing University.
  • Topics may include:
    • Time management
    • Research
    • Exam preparation
    • Plagiarism
    • Stress management
    • Note-taking
    • Career development

UNIV 1011 – Academic Success: Theory and Practice

  • Introductory course that helps you understand and integrate effectively in to the university environment, through the development of attitudes, skills and knowledge that promote success in higher education.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

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