When I search for "English" in the Programs section, the results include a lot of programs that do not have "English" in the program name. Is the search working?

How to Use OUInfo

The search is correct – you can still study English through this program, even though “English” is not in the program name. Check the program’s details for more information.

Many universities give their programs general names, such as "Arts", "Humanities" or "Science". You can usually study a wide variety of subjects, such as English, through these programs.

For example, a university might have a degree called "Arts", through which you could study several subjects, including English, Drama, Economics, History, French, Sociology, Philosophy and more. To view all subjects of major interest available through a given program, you must go to that program’s "Overview" tab in the "Program Summary" section. To study 1 of the specific subjects listed, you must apply to the general degree program.